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Software Engineer
Fullstack Developer

My Projects

Resource Manager C#
Utility for viewing, comparing, creating and extracting files from Age of Empires III .BAR archive. Github Page Download
Stream Overlay C#
This project is aimed at improving the quality of streamers' content. Overlay can be set before the start of events such as tournaments or showmatches, or during breaks. Github Page Download
Replay Manager C#
Tool to viewing Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition records. Github Page Download
MultiTools C#
MultiTools is a collection of useful tools and modifications for Age of Empires III. Convenience is that all the useful features are collected in one place in combination with a nice interface. Github Page Download
ESO Tracker Python
It is a utility for tracking network, IP checking and parsing records in Age of Empires III. The scope is quite wide: you can troll your mates, catch annoying smurfs or cheaters and analyse games. Github Page Download
Economic-Calculator Delphi
With this tool you can calculate gather rates for every type of units/buildins for all type of resources for all civilizations in the game with selected deck cards and upgrades. Github Page Download
AOE3: Russian Edition IS
Repack of the game based on the licensed 5-disc edition of the game. Nothing is cut out. Added author localization of the Russian language and a custom launcher MutiTools. Project Page Download
AOE3.RU Python/Django
AOE3.RU - это ресурс, где Вы найдёте самую актуальную информацию о тактиках и стратегиях в раше и перемирии, вводные статьи, посвященные основам, а также гайды по устранению самых частых проблем и ошибок в Age of Empires III. Visit